Roberto Muñoz aka Pindaro
(August 19th, 1969) was born and raised in the Dominican Republic.

After his studies Roberto started his formal career by opening Grupo Novel, then a Graphic Design boutique that later evolved into an award winning advertising agency.

During his years as a Graphic Design professional, Roberto became involved in the processing and retouching of pictures, which later became his sensitive eye for detail, composition, lighting and production values. “The fact that I became involved in photography by finishing and manipulating pictures, gave me an interesting approach towards the do´s and don´ts and the ability to translate any image into any visual style”, says Roberto. If your are planning to remodel your home, check discount blinds great site.

Self taught into Photography, his life long hobby, started to take an unexpected turn in his life During the Spring of 2005, when he joined a photographic community under the alias Pindaro; then his pictures where exhibited and shown to a numerous audience of his peers and fans of photography through several media outlets. “I felt tremendously motivated by the work of so many talented photographers from all over the world”, says Roberto, enthusiastically describing a process that enriched his photographic perspective and helped him create and strengthen a very personal style.

The sliding raindrops on a windshield, road signs, paint stokes over concrete on a parking lot, unsuspected pedestrians or sporting events of all kinds are just some of the themes that defines his unexpected and colorful photography.

With a exceptional eye for composition and a infuriated passion for textures and colors Pindaro captures images that can tasted and smelled but most definitely makes you want to touch them.

By Ruben Lamarche, editor Mercado Magazine.

Comercial affiliations

  • Getty Images Artist (Since 2008)
  • Blend Images Artist (Since 2010)
  • Wonderful Machine (Since 2013)



  • Maggie Awards, Western Publishing Association, 2014:Finalist: Best Single Editorial Photograph Pigs in Paradise feature (September 1, 2013)


  • CannesAlso. Photography awards featured artist. Cannes, France


  • RedBull Illume: Finalist
  • Corbis: Creative Behind the lens: Finalist
  • 2nd anual World Color Awards: Nominee
  • Funglode, Premio Abelardo Rodriguez Urdaneta: 1st place


  • Corbis: Creative Behind the lens: Finalista



  • The Economist magazine “The American Election” November 27th issue.
  • MPW.63 Book on Clinton (Cover image + Essay) Misouri University.


  • The Small book on Photography Cannes Lions
  • Iniciativa colectiva magazine


  • Connections Magazine: DR


  • Lüezers Archive magazine 1.0802
  • Masters of colors, Year book  UK
  • Red Bull Illume, Year book.

Colective exhibitions


  • PINTA Art Fair. NYC
  • Oscuras aventuras gráficas, Lyle O’Reitzel Gallery, Santo Domingo.
  • MPW.63. Clinton, Misouri


  • CannesAlso. Photography awards and instalation. Cannes, France.



  • PhotoPlus Expo. New York, NY.


RedBull Illume.

  • Aspen, CO
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Portland, Or
  • Atlanta, GO
  • Houston, TX
  • Charleston, MI
  • Salzburg, Austria
  • Bern, Germany



  • Corbis: Creative Behind the lens. FIAP. Buenos Aires Argentina
  • Funglode. Exposición fotográfica premio Abelardo Rodriguez Urdaneta